About the Author


"This book was obviously written by a man who loves the Lord, the temple, and the Book of Mormon. I am blessed by the careful research that went into this book's creation. It is profoundly written, and is illustrated with personal applications. After reading this book, the Book of Mormon, nor the temple, will ever be the same for me." - Christine
"Reading this book has helped me see references to our modern temples that somehow I never saw before. Valiant Jones has done a masterful job of finding the hidden treasures within the Book of Mormon and bringing them to light in a way that is easy to read and makes you wonder why you didn't see it before. I highly recommend this book." - Chris
"The book is presented in a very approachable language which makes it accessible to all people. I found great depth in the author’s thoughts and ideas which sometimes prompted me to ask different or deeper questions that I had the last time I read the same Book of Mormon passages. The entire book is enhanced with well chosen personal stories and quotes."  - Bob